Below are our most frequently asked questions. Contact us for further information.

How do I become a member?

Simply go to Taste25.com and sign-up. You can also scan a members QR code to sign-up, or have a member send you a sign-up text message link.

HELP, my location services are disabled!

Go to settings > Privacy > Location Services > Enable Service

How do I use my membership?

Upon being seated, show your Taste 25 electronic ID to your server. Additional photo ID may be requested. When your check is delivered, confirm you received a 25% discount on all regular priced items.
Remember to “Keep it Classy” and Tip on the pre-discount amount!

How do I find Taste 25 Dining Destinations?

Simply open your Taste 25 membership screen and click the browse destinations button. Many Taste 25 Destinations have useful information listed to help you make your decision.

Can I use my membership with other discounts or specials?

We're good, but not that good! Any entrees or alcohol drinks that are on special or are already discounted are not available for the Taste 25 discount. Certain other restrictions may apply.

Can I use my membership at all the Taste 25 destinations?

Yes. You can use your membership at all destinations every day. Some destinations may have certain days or hours they are closed, confirm ahead. Also Taste 25 reserves the right to black out days, these days are only a handful per year and dates most people would expect like Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, New Years Eve and Christmas to name an obvious few.

Can I buy bottles of wine or pitchers of beer with my membership?

Alcoholic beverages are discounted, except bottles of wine are not available for discount. Please drink responsibly.

Who is covered with a Taste 25 membership?

The membership covers the check of the member and the items purchased by the member.

Example: You are the member, and you are at a table for 6 (3 couples) with 3 separate checks. Your membership applies to your check. If you as the member are paying for the entire table, the entire check is discounted.

How do I get my membership for free?

Every time you refer a paid member that signs up with your QR code or your referral link, your next payable month is free if your referral is in good standing.

Refer a paid member every month and never pay again!

There is no limit to the number of referrals!

Referrals have no cash value and are used only to waive one monthly fee per referral. Referrals can carry forward if member refers more then 1 person a billing cycle. Referrals are not transferable.

How am I billed?

Taste 25 utilizes a credit card auto-billing program for customer convenience. You will be billed the same time each month and can cancel at any time without penalty.

What if my credit card expires or is changed?

If your credit card is declined because of expiration or change in number, we will alert you to update your payment information. Updating your credit card information can be done through your member profile on Taste25.com.

Is there a long-term contract or a cancellation fee?

No. Taste 25 values you as a customer and would hate to see you go, but we also want to make things simple if you are not getting the benefit you wanted.

How do I cancel or freeze my membership with Taste 25?

Simply hit the cancel or pause button when logged in to your account.

How should I tip?

Taste 25 supports responsible tipping. Service staff works extremely hard to serve you. Please tip on the full amount prior to discount.

Can I use my membership on To-Go orders?

Taste 25 was designed for dine in only.

What if destination does not honor the discount?

Taste 25 destinations are independently obligated and liable for honoring the discount policy, but occasional confusion by staff may occur. Make sure you read the Taste 25 FAQ’s and Terms & Conditions prior to any dispute. Always ask for a manager with any questions on discount, and if not satisfied, pay your bill, and email Taste 25 with details of the dispute at experience@Taste25.com. Make sure to include reason for dispute and name of destination and manager along with Membership ID, full name, and email you registered under.

What happens if I break the rules?

Taste 25 reserves the right to revoke membership to anyone who violates our terms and conditions.

How old must I be to join Taste 25?

You must be 18 or older to join Taste 25. Alcohol purchase rules vary by jurisdiction and are the responsibility of the member and destination to follow.

How can I contact Taste 25?

Email us at info@Taste25.com.